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  The values which guide us at St. Bede's College are :    
  • Faith in God
  • Moral Uprightness
  • Love of Fellow Beings Social Responsibility
  • Pursuit of Excellence

  The holistic development of an individual is attained through academic excellence and professional competence, personal, inter-personal and societal skills. The College is committed to its mission and vision in all its endeavours. The holistic development involves our participation in our national dreams and aspirations and our dedication to promote national integration, religious harmony and secularism.    
  • Academic Brilliance
  • Professional Competence
  • Information Technology Goal Perception
  • Creativity
  • Character Formation
  • Value consciousness and moral integrity
  • Spiritual development
  • Emotional poise: Self knowledge and self esteem and self confidence
  • Courage and Conviction
  • Communication Skills and Linguistic Ability
  • Physical Development and Vitality
  The values which guide us at St. Bede's College are :    


  • Team Work
  • Leadership Skills
  • Empathy and Sensitivity
  • Commitment to Society


  • Responsibilities to Environment
  • Awareness of Cultural Heritage
  • Commitment to Society
  • Futuristic Vision
  • Knowledge about Indian Constitution
  St.Bede's College is proud of its organizational culture rooted in gospel values, mutual respect, personal maturity and integrity, teamwork and social concern. St.Bede's College welcomes to its fold students from any part of India to build a sense of nationalism. The college nurtures an open attitude to integrate the wisdom of our great culture. This sense of national outlook is clearly shown through out it existence. We welcome the support and guidance of the academicians, executives from the corporate sector, experts from abroad and common man to train our students in our endeavour to build a better world.    
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